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Our TERMS & CONDITIONS are stated on the RENTAL REGISTRATION document,to be e-mailed to you upon your final payment, and to be printed and filled by you, and then scanned and e-mailed to our Management Company . To read the Rental Registration document, please click  HERE


To hold your reservation, you must pay a $ 200.00 deposit at the time you book with us. This deposit is deductible of the total amount.


The REMAINING BALANCE ( i.e. deposit deducted )must be payed as follows:


50% are due up to 60 days before check-in date.


The other 50% are due up to 30 days before check-in date.

You can pay with direct transfer to our bank account or you can use a credit or debit card via  PayPal, even if you don´t have a PayPal account.
Payments via PayPal will pay a 3% fee.





If you want to cancel your reservation, you must e-mail us, writing on the subject space CANCEL, followed by your reservation NUMBER (this number will be provided to you upon reservation).
If you cancel your reservation prior to your arrival date, you will receive a refund of money previously paid, but reduced by the following charges:
Cancel up to 61 days prior to arrival - U$ 50.00 (administrative fee)
Cancel 60 to 51 days prior to arrival  - 10% of the total rental
Cancel 50  to 41 days prior to arrival - 20% of the total rental
Cancel 40 to 31 days prior to arrival - 35% of the  total rental
Cancel 30  to 21 days prior to arrival - 50% of the total rental
Cancel 20 to 11 days prior to arrival - 75% of the total rental
Cancel 10 or less days prior to arrival - NO REFUND





If we succeed in booking all or part of your cancelled dates to someone else (refered or not by you), upon receiving the total payment, the charges will  refunded to you, either totally (if all cancelled dates are booked ) or proportionately (if part of those dates are booked ), except for administrative fee.


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